Pishrogostar (mohandesi pishrogostar e ertebati Caspian in formal ) is an Iranian IOT , electric and electronic  company, founded in sari, Mazandaran in 2007.

Pishrogostar,s current activities and products includes IOT solutions based on electronic devices and sensors and software to use for wide range of industries.

Our goal is “make life smarter and easier for everyone”.

By using its young and creative teams, this company was able to gain the knowledge of manufacturing products independently, in order to shine as a knowledge-based company. 

pishrogostar consists of Telecommunication (official representative of Panasonic telecommunication products) department.


Fields of the company consists of:

  1. Design and provide solutions based on IOT and monitoring systems
  2. Design and manufacture of electronic circuits
  3. industrial automation as soft starter , inverter , PLC
  4. Solar Power Generation System (renewable energy)
  5. Manufacture and assembly of various types of LBS (Load break switch)
  6. Maintenance and repair and procurement of electrical systems (UPS , power electric equipment , …)
  7. Telecommunication (IP Phones , Wireless antenna ,…)