Avisan industrial modem


This product is a GSM modem that transferring data over the internet by GPRS platform. This device can connect to external device (sensors , …) by one RS232 serial port  , data after processing on the microprocessor sends to server on TCP/IP protocol. 


Avisan Industrial Modem is a suitable solution for projects of automatic data collection, IOT, sales systems, automatic payment machines and systems with wireless data transmission.


This modem has ability to connection and sending data from  common sensor of water company , like rainmeter logger and hydrometer logger . in addition  This modem does not require any settings to identify and connect to different types of SIM cards of different operators . Furthermore the GPRS platform, the modem has the ability to apply settings from the SMS platform.

Data received from the RS232 serial port is sent to the server with high security and reliability as a packet over the Internet (GPRS).

The data sent by this modem can be stored on the  Avisan database, as well as the ability to monitor information using Avisan monitoring software.