Load Manager Device (LMD)


The device is for collecting information and processing them , as well as accurate reading of consumption and control of large industrial loads remotely, which is created from the hardware and software part.

The hardware connected to the industrial board sends the information and sends it to the GUI software installed in the organization . The GUI software allows users to read and control remotely.


This product is used in following sections due to its special features, which are based on the importance of managing electrical load consumption or monitoring data of logger :

  1. Electricity network
  2. Agriculture )to control water pumps(
  3. Industries , factories



This product has the following advantages:

  1. Information monitoring
  2. Increasing the level of reliability of the country's electricity distribution networks
  3. Has different communication protocols
  4. Enables to use external card
  5. Has standard input for analog sensors
  6. Uses both of analog and digital inputs
  7. User friendly interface