Smart Power Socket (SPS)

Smart power socket (sps) :


This product as IOT device includes two parts, hardware and software. The hardware part is a smart socket that, by connecting to a Wi-Fi network, sends the consumption information of the device connected to the socket to the software part. The software can be installed on smart devices with Android, IOS and Windows platforms. The capabilities that the software gives us are:

  1. Ability to turn on and off remotely connected devices
  2. Completely turn off the device in Standby mode
  3. Ability to plan based on budget for high-powered devices
  4. Warning and power failure of the device during over-load and short circuit
  5. Detailed information on device consumption in the form of instant, daily, monthly reports


This product is used in the following sections due to its special features, which are based on the importance of managing electrical load consumption:

  1. Residential section (to control home appliances)
  2. Offices (to control office equipment)
  3. Agriculture (to control water pumps)
  4. Industries


This product has the following advantages:

  1. Trainable IR control capability
  2. Information monitoring
  3. Ability to Control the consumption of electricity applicants
  4. Apply theories of smart power grids at the home level of electricity subscribers
  5. Ability to control and plan consumption for both parties: provider (electricity companies) and consumers (electricity subscribers)
  6. Warning of high-consumption devices
  7. Adjustable on or off timer up to 100 settings per day or hour, manually day of week, year