Ultrasonic level meter


This product is an ultrasonic level meter that is able to measure the depth of fluids. The capabilities of this device include monitoring through software and sending information over the Internet to the server, remote control via SMS and external memory to record and store information. This device has the ability to measure the flow through concrete channels and the user can view the entire volume of the output liquid along with the side parameters based on time. In this device, a 15 meter ultrasonic altimeter sensor is used and it has the ability to charge by the sun and use it in SCADA systems.



  1. Water and Sewerage Companies
  2. Regional water companies
  3. Petroleum Refining Distribution Companies (Fuel Tanks)
  4. Agriculture
  5. And any industry for which the measurement of fluid depth and water flow in open canals is applicable.


This product has the following advantages:

  1. This device can be used in open environments including rivers and irrigation and drain canals.
  2. Can be used in tanks with a diameter of more than 3 meters.
  3. Can be used to determine the height of different fluids.
  4. Has the ability to provide fluid flow in a computational manner.
  5. Ability to provide the height of the fluid as a soluble (dissolution of contaminants in the fluid)
  6. Internal calibration
  7. Easy installation without the need for a relaxation pool
  8. Ability to display computational flow
  9. Ability to record and transmit information on GPRS communication platform and telemetry