Mohandesi PishroGostar Ertebati Caspian

Pishrogostar (mohandesi pishrogostar e ertebati Caspian in formal ) is an Iranian IOT , electric and electronic  company, founded in sari, Mazandaran in 2007.

Pishrogostar,s current activities and products includes IOT solutions based on electronic devices and sensors and software to use for wide range of industries.

Our goal is “ make life smarter and easier for everyone”

By using its young and creative teams, this company was able to gain the knowledge of manufacturing products independently, in order to shine as a knowledge-based company. 

Smart Power Socket (SPS)


This product as IOT device includes two parts, hardware and software.

 The hardware part is a smart socket that, by connecting to a Wi-Fi network,

 sends the consumption information of the device connected to the socket to the software part.

 The software can be installed on smart devices with Android, IOS and Windows platforms.

Ultrasonic level meter


This product is an ultrasonic level meter that is able to measure the depth of fluids.

 The capabilities of this device include monitoring through software and sending information over the Internet to the server,

 remote control via SMS and external memory to record and store information.

 This device has the ability to measure the flow through concrete channels and

 the user can view the entire volume of the output liquid along with the side parameters based on time.


Load Manager Device (LMD)


The device is for collecting information and processing them , as well as accurate reading of consumption

 and control of large industrial loads remotely, which is created from the hardware and software part.

The hardware connected to the industrial board sends the information and sends it to the GUI software

 installed in the organization . The GUI software allows users to read and control remotely.

Avisan industrial modem


This product is a GSM modem that transferring data over the internet by GPRS platform.

 This device can connect to external device (sensors , …) by one RS232 serial port  ,

 data after processing on the microprocessor sends to server on TCP/IP protocol. 

Avisan Industrial Modem is a suitable solution for projects of automatic data collection,

 IOT, sales systems, automatic payment machines and systems with wireless data transmission.

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